Compass Career Fairs


With over 32 years of combined employment and recruiting experience, our event planners have extensive experience with the average job fair, and we believe the average job fair is not good enough. Read some of our testimonials below and see what other Employers who have participated in our past Career Fairs have to say about their experience with us.

"In the most recent Compass Career Fair event we attended in Layton, UT, we were able to make hires, saving over $6400 to bring on our new employees. Alternative Behavior Strategies looks forward to a continued partnership with Compass Career Fairs."

-Tina Escobar Taft

Alternative Behavior Strategies



"The event put on by Compass Career Fairs was well rounded with the lunch and speakers. The actual Career Fair was quite a success. There were so many candidates available to talk with that our crew was busy the entire time we were there. We received several resumes and had many apply after the fair. This is just the type of career fair we are looking for and look forward to the next one!"

-Veronica Akers




"Compass Career Fair is the best I've been to. Not only are there many potential candidates who attend but the employers were treated very well too. It was outstanding. We'll definitely be back."

-Tina Olson

Staker Parson Co.



"Compass Career Fairs are worth the time, very well managed events!"

-Tony Kiser

Grand Canyon University



"Great event!"

-Taryn Bunderson

Sun Products Corp



"Shane is truly apart of the community and eager to connect seekers with opportunities! Thanks again for another successful event!"

-Landry E. Leach

New York Like Insurance Company



"The quality of job seekers and energy is what makes this event so great!"

-Leslie Graham

Farmers Insurance

"Compass Career Fairs ALWAYS does an awesome job at promoting job fairs and has exceptional follow through. We have been a sponsor of the last two events and have really enjoyed working with Compass Career Fairs."

-Lori DeBry


"Compass Career Fairs puts on a great job fair and the talent pool is certainly stronger at these events. I appreciated being able to listen to a motivational speaker ahead of time, to give me perspective on helping others more effectively. The networking opportunities to build partnerships

were also outstanding."

-Dean Parks

Homeland Vinyl Products

"Always a ton of job seekers attending this event. Employers look for the "Pot of Gold" when it comes to a big group of job seekers. I think they find this when they attend these Fairs."

-Bryan Beckstrom

Department of Workforce Services

"This is by far the best Career Fair we have ever attended. It is very well advertised for job seekers and it has always brought in the best quality of recruits. Always a great event for us. We have already hired several candidates that attended the event at the Davis Conference Center."

-Aaron Falk

Bed Bath & Beyond


Wonderful Event, Thank you

- Paige Loveland


Shane and his team do an exceptional job conducting the most effective and well attended career fairs.

-Dan Donner

Salt Lake Trucking Group/Salt Lake Driving Academy

We had (2) officers and a member from Sr. Mgmt. attend. It was well organized that the overall aims and interests of not only that of DHS-TSA, but all job seekers passed our expectations. We would encourage Federal as well as State Agencies to activity attend upcoming Compass Career Fairs LLC.

-Nora Deering

Transportation Security Administration

"Compass Career Fairs events are smart, current and ideal for finding talent for just in time needs. The quality and quantity of candidates are diverse in education, experience, skill set and backgrounds. CCF gets it!... Who is in our community, where we are, and what we need to connect employers and talent. Well done, CCF - you continue to hit the mark!"

-Ava Cabey



"Well-organized job fairs that treat exhibitors like royalty."

-Larry Stevenson

LDS Employment Resource Services



"Career fairs can be long, boring, and inefficient. However, Compass Career Fairs have always been enlightening
and educational. It's an experience not just for the job seekers, but also for
the employers! I would definitely recommend to be a part of their
next fair!" 

-Noor Mouhammad

Get Air LLC



"Compass Career Fairs always host an amazing hiring event! Good venue, food, and always tons of potential employees. Thank you for supporting local employers trying to help get good jobs for good people."

-Kali Atkinson

Focus Services

"The fair was amazing, good job Compass Career Fairs"

-Pablo Martinez

Utah Transit Authority



"The turnout for the career fair was a great experience."

-Erika Wayman




"Compass Career Fairs provide well organized and well attended career fairs in numerous locations that are very helpful in our recruiting efforts."

-Kimberley Osborn

The Kroger Co. - Layton Bakery

"I love that Compass Career Fairs provides you not only with an opportunity to meet job seekers, but learning and networking opportunities as well. I got some great leads and

made connections with other recruiters at the fair."

-Ruby Munoz


"I have attended a couple Compass Career Fairs events and they are always very well attended by both job seekers and employers. The event is professional in organization and presentation. I look forward to attending more of these events in the future."

-Katie Shumway

America First Credit Union

"I was so pleased at the quantity and quality of applicants at the January

2017 Davis County Job Fair hosted

by Compass Career Fairs at the Davis Conference Center. This event was definitely time and money well spent!"

-Jill Navidomskis

Healthy YOU Vending

I like your company's job fairs, especially this last one at the Davis Conference Center. It gives our company the opportunity for job seekers to know who we are, where we are located and what job opportunities we have. Thank you

- Magdalena Ayala

Army and Air Force Exchange Service

"Compass Career fairs are the most well-organized and highly attended events. Our company always find success with these in terms of candidate quantity and quality!"

-Cassidy Fernandez

Sutter Physician Services



"One of the most productive, original and fun events I have attended. We look forward to working with you in the future."

-Chonna Bosch

Prologistix/Resource MFG



"I know that this Career fair was helpful I talked to alot of people and heard a lot of good feedback. It was diverse to some degree. As unemployment rates soar this kind of event is helpful to a number of people."

-Shawn Loura

The American Red Cross



"Compass Career Fairs does an excellent job with promoting and getting people interested in attending their events. I have been pleased with every event and their effort and their ability to draw the attention for every event. I look forward to every event they offer." 

-Dan Donner

Roadmasters Drivers School of SLC



"The job fair was very well organized and the turn out was amazing! Compass Career Fairs knows how to get the word out! The catered luch was delish too!"

-Laura Reid

RISE Services Inc.



"This was a great event! I was

impressed by how organized and efficient everything ran. The number of job seekers was wonderful and we had
the opportunity to connect with many people regarding not only jobs, but requests for services that we offer. Thank you so much for all your
hard work! "

-Yvonne Ottley

RISE Services Inc.



"I was very impressed with the event and I am looking forward to the one in Davis County. I hope to be able to be a part of that one. Thank you!"

-Kim Penman

Job Corps

"Compass Career Fairs are by far the best fairs in our area. They are great to us, the employers, and they always have a great turn out of eligible candidates."

-Aleigh Zarbock


"This is by far the best Career Fair

we have ever attended. It is very

well advertised for job seekers and it has always brought in the best quality

of recruits."

-Lance Wolfley

Elwood Staffing

"Very well organized and attended. Plenty of table space to set up."

-Jennifer Call

Seven Stars

"The Job Fair at the Davis Conference Center in Layton is the best fair we attend. Well worth the cost as the number of candidates beats any

other job fair!"

-Veronica Akers

Electronic Funds Source

You guys did a great job, the food, and key note speakers were amazing! We always enjoy the company, and your service is always very accommodating.
Thank you again for having us!

-Michelle Thomas


The Compass Career crew did an amazing job at the job fair! They were super friendly and helpful. I can't wait to join their next one!

-Traci Harms


The Compass job fair was overall an amazing event. The turn out was great. Many applicants that we were interested in. The staff helping out were very kind and attentive to anything we needed. We enjoyed that there was a interview room that we could use to lock down some future employees. I would enjoy to attend any job fair function by them again.

-Hannah Borgman

Focus Services